Hauling - Give us the UI tools

Have been told to move this post here so here we go.

When looking to take a courier contract it is a real PITA having to scroll through all the contracts to and from player own structures. Obviously the only people that are going to take them are new players or players that are very, very, very slow learners.

Please could you introduce a filter so that one can have only deliveries too and from NPC stations showing?

On the first page of the courier contracts there are 77 of that 39 are from either to or from ‘private property’ (like 99% chance scam). My opinion doesn’t matter whether or not it’s a good thing to be setting newbies up like this however, it makes looking for courier contracts laborious and a little depressing.

If this is to continue can we have a little UI quality of life by giving us the tools to weed out the obvious (to me and many others) and boring?

CCP has already said they are looking at options to deliver courier packages into containers outside player owned structures.

OTOH, it’s a far simpler proposition to add a filter that eliminates Upwell Structure-located contracts.

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