Hauling - Give us the UI tools

When looking to take a courier contract it is a real PITA having to scroll through all the contracts to and from player own structures. Obviously the only people that are going to take them are new players or players that are very, very, very slow learners.

Please could you introduce a filter so that one can have only deliveries too and from NPC stations showing?

On the first page of the courier contracts there are 77 of that 39 are from either to or from ‘private property’ (like 99% chance scam). My opinion doesn’t matter whether or not it’s a good thing to be setting newbies up like this however, it makes looking for courier contracts laborious and a little depressing.

If this is to continue can we have a little UI quality of life by giving us the tools to weed out the obvious (to me and many others) and boring?


This should be considered an obscene exploit… But CCP takes orders from their RMT masters.


Whatdayaknow a modest request for a modest change to the courier contract system!

Can you put this in the little things thread in player features and ideas?

Use the proper format CCP Karkur uses and as soon as she can, she can make that happen.


Been away from keyboard clicked refresh and thought this post read, “hauling give it up you tools”. Just for a second im sure its happened to many.

Idk, I think the CCP Karkur should take a break
and CCP should set aside their Greed and machinations to extract money from hapless victims
and take a good long look at the idea and issues.

O.K. :grinning:

Moved it to the features and ideas, you can close this now. :slight_smile:

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Isn’t there an option to filter out “structures you do not have access to”

Not as far as I know. If there is that would be great.

iirc, that’s the MAP you are thinking of, not the Courier Contract system.

Nope its on contracts I saw it on a discord channel.

There is such an option for courier contracts.
However, that does not really solve anything because of course a scammer would set the pickup/drop-off structures public - until the bad contract gets accepted.

What is needed is an option to filter out all player structures all the time.

What you need is to use your brain.

Use the existing tool to narrow the list, then watch this educational video:

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Upvote for foamy

And i agree, we need to stop trying to protect stupid people and just let them learn from their mistakes, don’t get me wrong this only applies to people who are actually deemed able to make those choices, i am more than aware that there are people out there with medical issues that prevent them from making a properly informed choice, but i doubt too many people like that play EVE, just being an idiot isn’t enough to deserve needing your hand held 24/7


The simple reason this likely won’t be added is that it means you’re going to penalise the honest people just because of a few idiots, use your brain and look at the contract for more than 3 seconds before expecting someone to hold your god damn hand and tell you everything is going to be fine, protip, people can still make you fail those contracts by killing you even if its to an NPC station so better to just educate yourself instead


Please read my post. I am not asking for someone to hold my hand I would never accept a contract involving player owned structure and never have. What I want are the TOOLS to do the job more efficiently. Again read the post and try to understand what I have written and maybe you won’t look so ignorant. I am pro PVP in every aspect however, I am not about making PVP easy, that’s for carebears :slight_smile:

It takes little intelligence and even less skill to abuse this mechanic and the ONLY people that fall for it are very new players or the downright brain dead. Easy mode PVP of this type is for pussy’s but it’s NOT about that it is about giving us the TOOLS to do the job quickly and efficiently if we want the option to do so. Can you comprehend what I am trying to explain to you?

Then why are you whining about needing CCP to make a setting to remove them from the list

No, what you want is the tools to make it so you can be lazy and never have to actually READ a contract ever again, thats hand holding, 2 reasons this won’t exist, firstly lazy players are bad players, secondly it makes it even easier to automate this process making it even easier to bot

And new players are otherwise going to learn to not make mistakes how? literally the first tool any human uses to learn is by doing it and seeing first hand why its a bad idea, you’re not helping the new players by wrapping them up in cotton wool so that they can’t hurt themselves, they need to learn for themselves why they need to pay attention, as for the braindead people, well thats just life, survival of the fittest right there

Yes i saw exactly what you wanted the first time, you wanted your hand held so you didn’t have a chance to make mistakes in the first place and could just mindlessly accept courier contracts without a care in the world :stuck_out_tongue:


You have a mind set on a truth that only exists in your head. I have tried to explain to you it’s not about making mistakes but having the TOOLS to weed out the ■■■■. Clearly pride and ego have been touched as you can not or will not consider the fact that these contracts are nothing more than a depressing nuisance for anyone that’s played for more than a couple of months.

Again read the post and try a little harder this time… I am asking for a modest change, asking for the TOOLS to do the job. And if you think that this will mean that one won’t have to read the contract then you must be new to eve, there are plenty of creative ways to scam in courier contracts. What did make me laugh was this quote ’ firstly lazy players are bad players’ can you see the irony :rofl:

Im fine with and for a filter option on player controlled structures.

An additional filter for player owned stations would be nice. Then the “stupid” people would not check the filter. The informed people will check the filter box. Everyone wins.