Conveniently show and link outstanding contracts

First thing: no clue why this has never been a thing. When you go to a char/corp info, you can choose “show contracts”. But it displays finished ones only. Why not show outstanding ones too? We can display them for ourselves already. (Publicly show public contracts only ofc).

The other thing: would be cool if we could drag a link to chat that leads to the “Contracts search” window with filters already set.

Just make the icon in the upper left draggable to chat. This would create a short link (named “Show Contracts” or alike) that contains currently set filters (Buy&Sell/Courier tab, Word filter, Location, Contract Type, …).
Would give us an everybody’s contracts storefront that is super easy to distribute. Want to only link to the contract search with your trade hub couriers? Set up filters, drag it to chat. Want to only show your “Blueprint copies” selling contracts below 1m ISK in the current region? Set up filters, drag it to chat.
For people regularly offering the same type of items or couriers, they could set up their filters and simply put the link in their bio. “See our current batch ore sales here” and it links to the contract search and conveniently shows them with one click.
Loads of possibilities here. No more linking a dozen couriers in local. Or walls of WTS item links. Shortlink all your contracts easily.


Great idea!

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