Ignore individual contracts?

[EDIT: I now know this is not currently possible.

Could we have a way to ignore or hide a specific contract in our search results for an indefinite period of time? I’m going to be doing searches that, across them, yield hundreds of contracts. It would be immensely helpful not to have to keep wading through the same scams / terrible-value contracts, once I’ve done the math or examined them to determine I’ll never be interested. Thanks!]

I am legally blind, so I apologize if this is already possible. (I would love to know how.)

I did a search where hundreds of contracts match particular items I am interested in. I would very much like to be able to mark individual contracts with some kind of boolean indicator. (In my case, “not interested, don’t look again” or “possible, come back later”.)

Is there any way to ignore individual contracts, as opposed to all contracts from a specific issuer? Many are crap / scams, and I’d love to not have those show up each time I enter the contracts market and do my searches.

Yes, the little check boxes on the left thats section off with “filters”.

There is no such way. The only thing you can do is ignore whole issuers or filter for specific item categories.

Thanks. You have no idea (not being able to see well) how long I can waste searching for something that doesn’t exist. :slight_smile: This helps a LOT.

Time to edit the thread title.

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