Can not make contracts

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A small window used to appear to specify which character you sent a contract to for characters with similar names. Now it doesn’t and just picks whichever one it wants to. You can not send contracts to any player that has similar names.

Here is video:

September release - Known issues and issue reporting
(Arthur Hellsing) #2

I have since changed it to exact terms on the search option, which works. but the default is partial terms, which may mess a lot of people up.

(Erethond) #3

That’s many a bit counter-intuitive, but have you tried being less specific? Like typing only “Roy” in the name box? That should return many hits and get you the choice window, I think.

(Nyjil Lizaru) #4

I’ve been having the same issue, glad to know I’m not the only one. Thanks for posting this. I’ll file a bug report.

And the ‘exact term’ workaround doesn’t work if you’re trying to send to a character with a short name that’s part of another character name (i.e want to contract to ‘Dingus’ but it goes to ‘John Dingus’ with no recourse)

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