Request Item Contract UI issue

When creating a contract which requests items from the contracting partner, the procedure is really horrible.
Right now, you have to add one item at a time, set the quantity for each item and as if this would not be bad enough, it requires a second selection of the item from all items containing the same substring.

The dialog I am talking about is this one:

It would be much easier and convenient if the item selection would not open this dialog if the given item name finds an exact match and would only pop up if its not unique. Like if I’d have typed “Aste” in the given example.
Of course, the big fix here would be if it would be possible to feed the content of the clipboard to the contract setup, as it is for the multibuy window.

The fix for unique item names should even be a pretty simple and small one.

Maybe you guys could give this a thought.



Oh YES, CCPlease!

Any improvement in the Contract UI would be welcome, it’s so cumbersome and frustrating now.

The clipboard input would make the whole process almost painless, and you already have the coding for Multi-buy - could you just “clone” the procedure for Contracts?

Another interim suggestion: Allow us to include items in containers in the contracting station? I currently use multiple station containers to sort stuff out, then move the items for sale back into the item hangar to add to the contract.

Thank you!


PLEASE this UI needs help.

And +10 on the “items in containers” too – that would really simplify an otherwise painful “unboxing” process every time I contract a lot of materials…

Sounds good to me ccp let’s do it simple coding not hard

This is a great idea! Would love to see this in game.

Yes absolutely, please fix the contract UI. :slight_smile:

The current one is super clunky and nasty!

+1! (and another +1 to avoid teh error message! :slight_smile: )

like the Koolaid man once said, Oh yeah