FR: Simplified "Create Item Transfer Contract" alternative to normal contract process

I believe the ratio of simple item transfer contracts between alts and corp/alliance mates to actual public item exchange contracts is at least 100:1, probably much higher. The current contract process supports all the possible options, and has numerous windows and mandatory clicks (5 clicks) which are overkill for the most common use of contracts.

A new context menu entry “Create Item Transfer Contract” with simplified, one window workflow. You select items (from hangars/assets), choose this option and it opens a window where you input receiving character/corp/alliance/drag name. After populating this field, the window shows the receiver portrait/logo with corp+alliance name so you can visually confirm you typed correctly, then you click “Confirm”.

This creates a contract to the receiver with 0 ISK or items requested, and 4 weeks duration. No further dialog windows open, the dialog window closes.

This would leave the current Contract workflow intact to create public item excanges, auctions, couriers and priced private contracts, but would save everyone approximately 1 million mouse clicks per year for the most commonly used version of contracts.

Thanks for reading.

Still trying to understand what you are asking, and it seems like what you want is already in game.

As long as it’s in the main item hangar (not containers) you can select all items you want to contract then R click to create contract.

Unless I’m misunderstood what you want.
You can also copy/paste retrievers name in the box as well.

You can already

  1. Deliver goods directly into ANYONE’s item hangar within ANY structure in which you have DOCKING access (whether or not they are in your corp/alliance). This does not apply to NPC stations, including those you have offices in. It just occurred to me that they removed the ability to view the hangars/drop items into the hangars of corpmates, so this functionality has been removed entirely for those with that role that used to exist. (When was this removed???)
  2. Initiate a direct trade with that individual, which in some (but not all) cases is faster

Didn’t realize they got rid of that feature either.

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