Courier contracts between alt and main


I have arranged for some items to be sent from my alt in Jita to my main in LS, via a private courier contract.

My questions is:

Once my items arrive at my main’s LS station, will I then need to fly my alt to the LS station to receive the items and then create a new contract for my main to receive them?


After you complete the courier contract, the person who created the courier contract will have them in their hangar. So no, you won‘t need to trade the items.

And worst case you can simply use the asset window to create a private item exchange remotely (from anywhere in the universe) to trade any items between characters.

I’m confused…

The person who created the contract is my alt, and arranged for them to be sent to a different station to be received by my main. So who receives the items?

Sorry for the confusion. I misinterpreted your post. I thought you were creating a courier contract as your main and assigning it to your alt (so the alt can accept it and move the goods).

Here’s a more in-depth explanation:

The person who created the courier contract is the person who’ll receive the items at the destination station.

So if you create a courier contract with your main and assign it to your alt then your alt can complete the courier and then your main will receive the items.

There is no way to create a courier contract from one person to the other. A courier contract goes from player A at location 1 to player A at location 2. If you want to transfer items from one character to an other character then you need to use a item exchange. If you want to move items from one place to the other, then use a courier contract. If you want to do both then first move the stuff with a courier and then create an item exchange (remotely) to move the items to the correct character.

I have this situation all the time and I solve it in the following way: I buy stuff on my Jita trading character, I create an item exchange to my main, then I (remotely, using the asset window) create a courier contract on my main to the destination station.

But it really doesn’t matter. The important thing to remember is that you can always use the Assets window to create contracts (of any type) for items that are not at the same place as your character. So you will never have to fly to a station just to trade items from one character to the other.

The only exception are damaged items: damaged items (for example a module that took heat damage or a ship that doesn’t have fully repaired armor) can not be added to an item exchange or auction contract. That’s basically the only time you’ll be forced to physically fly to the station where the items are.

Ok, so just so I’m clear…

Once the items will be at the destination station, my alt completes the contract. I then create an item exchange from my alt to my main.

I then log out with my alt and log back in with my main and complete the item exchange, and then my main will have the items in the destination hanger?


Ok cool :slight_smile:

Thanks for your help

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