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I just paid for two alts but before I create them I have a couple of questions. First can my characters send stuff (ie ore) to each other from anywhere in the galaxy or do they have to be in the same place and is the fee I paid for the alts a one time fee or do I have to pay for them every month like my main?

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There is no magic transport for stuff in EvE (except PLEX in the vault). But you can always use courier contracts to let other players haul your stuff. Omega-time is always per months, no difference whether main or alt of course.


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As Tipa stated, items in Eve have to be transported by players. If you do not want to transport the items yourself you can use a courier contract: You can use courier contracts to specific a destination station, a reward and collateral so you can protect yourself against theft using this mechanic.

Regarding game time. There is no difference between your main and your alt accounts. The cost of the subscription is the same ~$15 USD per month.

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I assume you purchased the Multiple Character training promotion.

This will allow you to train 2 additional characters on your main account for 30 days. If you want them to continue training beyond that - you will need to purchase additional MCT.

Only 1 character per account can be logged in at the same time - these ALTS can usefully be trained for PI, Research, Manufacturing etc… but they can’t fly with your main.

Your 30 days of training starts when you purchase the training so you should have created the characters first!

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Just wanted to add that if you do a Public Courier Contract to get your stuff moved to another location, after it’s moved you’ll still have to create a Private Contract to give the stuff to your other character.

I think it’s better to just forget about doing a Public Courier Contract and just do a Private Contract to your other character and have that character go collect the stuff in an Industrial Transport ship.

So I can have my alt give a shipment of ore (or anything else) to my main via a private contract but they have to be in the same area so I shouldn’t create my alts in other parts of the galaxy.

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Private Contracts can be issued to anyone, no matter their location. However the character accepting the contract will have to go to the station where the contract goods are located for access to those items.

Contracting skill.
For each level trained the number of outstanding contracts is increased by four (up to a maximum of 21 at level 5)

Lovely how you ignore all the replies explaining courier contracts.

With those ignored, the answer to your last post is YES. Always create your alts in the same station, that way you can completely avoid the convenience of courier contracts and totally inconvenience yourself with maximum travel times and self-hauling.

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