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I need to create a courier contract but it’s proving very difficult. I can put everything into a station container but then can’t create a contract. It has multiple ships and hundreds of different modules. trying to pick and choose through the list is proving nearly impossible. If I create 2 contracts, I pay twice as much as I should. Anyone know how to create a contract from items in a station container? Thanks in advance

You cant

Items have to be in item hangar to create a contract

drag the items you want to contract to your hangar
select them
courier contract them
add the ships by checking the boxes

the only problem is if you already have numerous items in your hangar that you don’t want to courier contract, and the items to move get mixed with the items to keep
My trick, if i am in a citadel, is to deliver all my items in my hangar to myself, except the container where the items to contract are located
Then move the items to the hangar and do the contract
then move back all my stuff from my delivery hangar to my hangar

“Ctrl + L- click” to tag multiple individual items in your hanger “R-click” one , create contract.

“Shift + L-click” two items and that will select ALL items in between

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