How to complete one courier contract with two characters?

I want to accept a contract on Char 1, give it to Char 2, then give it back to Char 1 to complete.

What’s the best way to do this?

A courier contract. Accept the contract with A, setup a courier contract to the desto for B. Have B accept the courier from A and transport it there, deliver it and then A can deliver the original package.

This only works if there are no other containers or packages inside the original contract. If there are containers inside, you have to trade the package in the pickup station and trade it back in the destination station. You cannot create an item exchange contract because of the container inside either to do the trading remotely.

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In my original scenario my Character A can’t easily get to the final destination, but Character B could accept it.
So, does this work?

Character B accepts original contract then does in-Station Item Exchange to Character A.

Character A moves it to NPC waypoint and does in-station delivery to Character B.

Character B completes the courier at the final destination.

You can use the Item Exchange contract like this. You can also setup a courier contract to a different destination in system for A. As long as you can deliver the package to the destination stated in the original contract, this can work.

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Thanks so much.

I can force the issue of no containers.

I have one more variation which I think you described but I’m not sure. In my first post I should have described the conditions which must obtain.

  • The final delivery must occur via Character A.
  • Character A cannot be located in the initial contracting location.
  • Therefore a secondary Character B is required for one leg of the trip.
  • There are three locations involved: Location 1, Location 2, Location 3.

SubContracting a.k.a “DoubleWrapping”

Original contract is to Character A who will complete it at final destination.


  • Contract Agent - the character that accepts the initial contract.
  • Courier Agent - the character that’s hauling the package from A to B

Contract “Agent” accepts original contract then creates a new Courier Contract, with the package received from the original, to Character B from PickUp Loc to DropOff Loc.

Courier “Agent” now hauls the package from A to B and completes the intermediate Contract; this will deliver the original package in the hands of the Contract Agent at it’s DropOff.

Contract “Agent” can now complete the original contract and receive it’s reward and get the collateral returned.

Edited by ISD Sakimura; good explanation. :smiley:

That’s exactly how subcontracting works, yes. The point of SCing is that you do not need to reveal who hauls the contract, which adds security for the hauler.

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If you set a courrier contract of a crourrier contrat it will b double wraps.
and he will get ganked. because if he gets cargo scanned . gankers wont b ablet to c what is inside
and for sure then will try to kill him

what he needs to do is
accept courrier contract wtih char A
create an item exchange contract with char a to char b
acept with char b
move the single wrap pack with char b
contract it back to char A
deliver the courrier or finish it with the contracts gui

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