Courier package dropdown menu

how to setup, that i have in every character this dropdown menu, when i right click in space with a courier package in cargo?

i have only on one charcters this menu, on other it isnt, all charcters have courier packages in cargo.

Question is a bit ambiguous. If you want to see all your characters in the same menu - you can’t. Characters are isolated. The only thing they can share is the PLEX vault (if they are on the same account). If other characters are carrying courier contracts you should be able to see the same menu in their client that you see for this character.

Hey Arisha are you asking why only one character has access to courier PICKUP?

That’s usually because only the person with roles can access the courier pickup, I believe.

hi, no all characters have director, but only 1 character have these courier pick and courier deliver, when i rightclick in space. all other characters have courier packages in cargo. all in same corp.
edit: accepting the courier as corp.

Is that 1 character the CEO?

no, its a director

Then, is that the original character who accepted the courier contract?

yes, but i accepted as corp…

Well, it looks like it doesnt matter if you accept as corp, only the person who accepted it can deliver it

no all can deliver, but maybe you are right, that only the person that accepted, have these menu… thx ccp for an other bug

Why assume its a bug? Maybe its working as intended.

i f the corp accept it, then why only one person see it…

Because the person accepted it, not the corp. Your corp cannot accept anything, only a person under the corp.

and what is this?

You are accepting on behalf of the corp. But your character is still the one accepting.

Imagine, if everyone can access it. What if your corp members are spies and want you to fail? What if they start taking it out of the citadel? If the person who accepts it, is the only one with access, then he can determine and dictate the delivery alone.

Not every corp is made up of alts of one person.

does ccp not support multiboxers?

CCP is trying to protect everyone who isnt a multiboxer.

Are you saying that CCP should not support non-multiboxers?

ccp forced us to play with multiboxing and they should make the game for multiboxers comfortable. this little things in a sum, make big difference beetwenn good game and bad game…

No they didnt.

They have to balance the game for other non-multiboxers.

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