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2 issues really to visibility inside a contract for the sender and ease of use.

  1. I create a courier contract, and then I can not see what is in it.

The contract arrives and still, no content is visible in the contract tab.

  1. The interface for contracts could use some love. I would like to be able to see “status ALL”, and “Owner all”.



I think it’s because they are wrapped in plastic, so either side of the contract cannot see the contents of the contract.

I see you made a comment on my another post. You also did not make any sense then. Why don’t you stop trolling me? Should I report you to ccp?

No. But I was trying to figure out exactly why we can’t see courier contracts. When we assign them, they are wrapped in a plastic wrap, thats why if someone goes rogue, they have to break the plastic up to see whats in the contract to see if it was worth it breaking the contract or not.

thats probably why we can’t see whats in it, even though we assigned it.

They are not wrapped. You can see the content when you create, or haul it.

You can double wrap a courier contract to hide the contents. DWrap is courier contract inside a courier contract.

You can break the courier contract and steal the items.

The information exists then it is deleted in the game.

I would like to look my contracts and see what is being transported.

then i guess this is wrong?? and ccp needs to update their own information…

i agree with you that its stupid you can’t see whats in the courier contract once you create it but you can any other contracts.

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