Courior Plastic wrap container

I was supposed to get 2 plastic wrapped containers, theyre in the station, i can open them, but i cant seem to be able to use the items.
I tried the…
Deliver Courier Package but it claims…
No contract could be found which this crate belongs to. Either this crate is not part of a contract that you have access to or the contract has been invalidated or expired.
I have the option to either trash or break the container, but i dont think that would be a good idea.
Please help

If you paid collateral for a courier contract that has been forfeited and you have lost that ISK if it wasn’t delivered within the requested parameters or you already ‘opened them’, which also kills a courier contract on the spot.

If you ‘break the container’ that just means you get to see what is is and it is yours now anyway.

Break. The. Container.

Then report back here, or mail me in game… I’m curious AF now to know what it was.

$537,000,000 of craap, that my daughter didnt need because she quit play a year or so ago.
I let her keep a mining and Thrasher, Rupture and a Tornado with their fits in case she comes back.
Had her do a 2nd contract as a regular, it had $900,000,000 in compressed moon goo.
We never done a courier before, so we had no clue why i couldn’t open it.

So she scammed her own father.

Looks like a damn good EVE player to me.

Next time just put up a private contract.

Nah, we figured it out and got that 1st one opened. We thought breaking was the same as destroying it… lol

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