Opened a courier package. How to differentiate between my items and the ones from the plastic wrap?

I repackaged all my items and a plastic wrap in a station. I didn’t know that repackageing a plastic wrap opens it. How do i differentiate now between my items and the ones from the plastic wrap? I would like to put all the correct items back into a plastic wrap and deliver the contract.

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Perhaps you can ask the owner, i see no other option.

i will try the following: I bring all my items and the ones from the plastic wrap to the deliver station and try to deliver with the contract.

Unfortunately you won’t be able to complete the contract because you did that. You’ll be at the mercy of the contract owner now to refund collateral and for you to trade back the items that were supposed to be delivered. Lucky for you this is a pretty common problem. Hopefully he won’t swindle ya. I always give the stuff back.

it would be awesome if i could see anywhere which stuff is mine and which stuff was in the plastic wrap. But i guess that is also not possible.

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Yeah that’s a conundrum for sure. Guys like me will run a bunch of missions or something or have some random assets laying around and I couldn’t even tell you what was in there off the top of my head. I just checked ingame and it’s not listed on my end as the contractor what was in the package other than the size of it.

I’m afraid, you have to negotiate with the issuer.

But good to know, that repackaging kills contract wraps …

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