Remote breaking of Courier contract packages

Currently courier contract packages can’t be remotely broken so that the contents are able to be freely contracted around without creating an issue for people you contract the hauling out to it becomes very irritating when you buy things inside of a courier package 30+ jumps away and you have to fly al the way over there just to break open the courier wrap or when you have a courier contract double wrapped you have to fly over to the location of the drop off location to break the package making the items accessible again I propose allowing courier wraps to be remotely broken in the same way ships and containers can be remotely repackaged

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Why would you want to break a courier packages remotely for legitimate reasons?

  • If you double wrapped your courier package, you do not have to fly to the destination to open it. Your hauler char completels the doublewrap and delivers the first package to you this way and you deliver the actual courier package just like normal via the accepted contract window. The taker of the first courier package doesn’t need to move anywhere.
  • You also don’t need to move anywhere if you move a CC for your alliance and the issuer suddenly wants the content in a different place. In that case, the transporter can just break the package themselves and contract the items to the issuer in an Item Exchange contract – just like they had to do with the CC package anyway.
  • Falling for an access denial scam does not require remote breaking either because you can just trash the package altogether as it only contains worthless junk.
  • Buying a firesale CC is such a niche that it doesn’t warrant such a feature at all as it would benefit other people (see below) much more than you. And you can just ask the person to item exchange contract the items to you instead of the courier package.

The only scenario that I see where remote breaking of CCs would be at all relevant are contract vultures. They accept CCs that they think are undercollaterized so that they can profit off of someone’s mistake. That profession doesn’t need a buff.



When the contract becomes double wrapped because you made a courier for prewraped contract so that the courier can’t see what they are hauling they deliver the contract but than you have a single wrapped package you have to fly over to open

I get that it’s niche but I’m sure there are others that would appreciate something like this
For me it’s both a hauling aspect aswell as it makes life a pain for people I hire to haul my junk

I’m having a hard time understanding what is being asked for here.

To be able to remotely “break” a plastic wrap which gets the items out of it so you can do something with the items inside

Who are you suggesting be able to do this? The courier?

The person in possession of the courier package

No, you do not have to break the double wrap. You have your first courier contract package that you put into a second courier contract. You deliver the second courier contract which puts the first CCP back into your hangar and you can complete the first CC as per normal via the contract window of the first CC. That is how everyone who doublewraps couriers does it all the time and since time immemorial.

What you described is not double-wrapping how it’s normally done and how it should be done. Double-wrapping is not meant for the hauler to not see what’s inside but for ganker cargo scanners to not see what’s inside. :wink:


Oh that’s a workaround for that part I didn’t know thanks

I can’t think of any legitimate reasons why you’d need to do that.

For me I run a buyback and it gets irritating having to fly over to break open a courier package when one winds up in my contract que

One time I got too drunk and failed a 2B isk CC, lost track of my jobs and never picked it up. I didn’t realize until the shipper contacted me a week later and I looked at my asset list and oh ■■■■ you’re right!

So now I have this wrapped package, but it’s 25J away in the boondocks. I would have liked to break it remotely, assign the skins to my main, sell-immediately the junk, and then courier-contract the rest to Jita. (I only take lucrative CCs, I pay peanuts on my own shipping.) But instead I had to go there, or else CC the entire package.

No big deal, and I’m not advocating a position. Just a story to show there can be a legitimate reason to do this, if the minor quality of life benefit justifies the dev effort.

That’s a BIT of a stretch on the definition of “legitimate,” lol.

That’s why I clarified it’s no big deal and I don’t have a position, it’s such a minor and unlikely occurrence. But it is, in fact, a real life reason one might want to do it. Not theoretically, It really happened. That’s what I mean by “legitimate.”

I admit I don’t think it’s worth any dev resources unless CCP says “Oh guess what we actually built a toggle into the code nobody knows why but we can just flip it so that change happens. Let us go ahead and do that for you guys, I hope you don’t mind waiting until the next downtime.”

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