Upgrade logistics

Please let us purchase items from LP stores remotely.
Please let us send items anywhere in highsec for a reasonable amount ISK.

I highly recommend looking at PushX or Red Frog for your courier needs

Why ?

you already can do this ! its called curier contract ! and spoiler … you can also send items into low sec, nullsec and into wormhole space if you want to do this !

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I’m cool with remote LP store redemption. You still have to go there to pick it up or contract it. I’d suggest that feature becomes available at corporation standing 4 for the given LP store.

I oppose an item mail service because that removes player agency, no one would need current courier pilots and they couldn’t play how they want to play

You can still haul stuff yourself or put it on contracts if that’s better so it’s not a decrease in player agency

and why do you need an instantanious and 100% safe teleporting service for your stuff ?
i know you never said this but im sure you want exactly this !

Most people don’t have time to do much hauling if they also want to do other stuff in the game

And no-one has thought about how it could work? It doesn’t have to be free or instant or otherwise without limits.

and there is the reason of the curier contracts ! no need for any other system because curier contracts work pretty well !

maybe nobody has asked because nobody cares and its ■■■■ ?

How is it ■■■■?

This isn’t strictly true. There are ways to balance this to make player contacts still competitive.

  1. make the npc contracts cost more for valuable items.
  • civ items: 10% base fee
  • t1 items: base hauling fee
  • t2 items: 5x base fee
  • faction items: 25x base fee
  • officer items: 125x base fee
  1. make npcs use autopilot and the ship scannable, so the ships can be destroyed and looted.
  2. make the npcs not directly protected by concord, so shooting one will only give a suspect timer. (ie: more player interaction.)

Using this outline, it wont wreck player engagement (it’ll actually increase it) and all that t1 trash that no one is willing to pay red frog to move can be moved to jita without too much fuss.

Cool, I was going to respond with “there must never be a totally safe way to move blueprints” and your 2+3 solve that

Example of where this could be useful:

I have nearly 1000 rookie frigs in Amarr.

If I wanted to move them… it would be way to expensive to haul them with a hauling service. And I have no intention of moving them myself… so… I’d be better off just going to a new location and creating more.

Yeah, I 100% think an npc courier should be a less safe way of moving stuff. It’s primary purpose would be to move junk you normally would just forget about.

i’d use it, i have spent so many hours cleaning up regionwide buy orders i made when i started playing. even a 1 jump range order has bit me when it was adjacent to a system with a dozen+ stations

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and the best part about it… is it would give more gameplay to other players.

Someone is bound to put something valuable into one of those couriers. So the gate campers will potentially want to scan them and shoot them. And when they do… they’ll go suspect… providing content for other people who might want to shoot that player.

imo, it’s a no brainer.

I could see people even using it to bait. fly along with it and wait for someone to aggress on the drone… and then kill the attacker. :stuck_out_tongue: I shall christen the tactic “fishing.”

all this would make an AFK shipping tool useless ! and if its useless then why spend expensive developement time on it ?

so you just said its not worth for such a tool because it would be

  1. to expensive to use
  2. not safe to use

and its against CCP because they removed “AFK” stuff from the game and you wanna add more “AFK” stuff to the game …

Only expensive for high value items.

Nothing is safe to use. Players would have to decide if it’s worth getting a suspect flag in order to shoot the npc. If it’s filled with t1 trash, it probably wont be worth shooting it.

PI exists. mining exists. dones exist. So… your argument is invalid.

depends on your “hauling fee”

and its still useless because we all have the tools we need to haul our stuff around new eden !

moonmining was switched from afk to active !
boosting was switched from afk to active !
mining is defacto not afk ! its an active gameplay !
drones are defacto not afk ! its an active gameplay !

PI, science and constructing are the only AFK thing i can remember !

only that you can less active with mining and drone ratting does not mean its a permanent afk gameplay ! mining needs emptying your cargo and “target” switches ! drone ratting need to warp to next anomaly ! and if you would understand then you could see that CCP is reducing the AFK stuff as good as they can !

curier contracts are safe to use :wink:

You can literally set your miners on a rock, go away for an hour and come back and they’ll still be mining provided you’re in a ship with a large enough bay.

you can set your ship to follow an anchor, your drones to assist another player, and go afk for the rest of whatever content you’re trying to run. Drones are the easiest weapon system in the game to multibox.

That’s no different from saying we don’t need more ships, because we already have ships in the game. Maybe true, but the majority of the players still want more ships.

also, as mentioned before, there’s a bunch of trash people have that wouldn’t be worth moving if a player had to do it. But might be, if an npc does.

You still lose your stuff if the hauling ship dies yes?

that’s just a matter of balance.