Modest Idea to fix courier contracts

Simply extend the base time to complete to at least 7 days. (one week) This would allow asset safety to be used to complete missions where people deny docking access and is the same time frame that is required to take a citadel down .

As a courier contract issuer, a 7 day minimum delivery time would make them useless. Even the 1 day minimum seems too long when you really want something moved fast.

I think there are better alternatives if CCP wants to fix this age-old vulnerability for those taking contracts.

I think the best solution would be to just allow a contract holder to place items into the Citadel without docking. Kind of like a Fleet hanger, or something. Right Click -> Open Delivery’s hold-> Drag items into that hold-> complete contract.

The only thing I can think of is a gank gang waiting for you at destination. But they would have to be able to kill you faster then it would take to drag your item out and in to the Delivery hold.

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Docking rights for couriers have been an issue since Citadels were first introduced. The suggestion with the most traction was to let them deliver from tether.

CCP doesn’t seem to be in any rush to fix this and, since scams are perfectly legitimate gameplay in Eve, they may not believe it needs fixing. You accept contracts to player owned structures at your own risk.

It’s not obvious how asset safety would work in this context. The courier contract is going to fail if it can’t be delivered and, if the client actually wants the goods, you can setup an item exchange contract at a nearby station.

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