Asset safety wrap tax and contract

I think it would be great if you could pay the tax on the wraps from anywhere and then either pass it to a corp mate, friend. or contract it out.

I might be on my own here but hauliers want ISK, I want stuff and I don’t want to do the jumps. that stop me from doing other things etc. 50 jumps one way take a while.

if this is an option then sorry but I have yet to find it.

looking forward to hearing your feedback

You can create a contract on an item from anywhere. Is that what you’re asking?

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No so when the items finish asset safety 5 or 20 days ‘‘you’’ have to fly to the station to move them to a different hanger pay tax then contract it to be moved where you need it.

I would like to be able to pay the tax and contract it from Jita without having to fly myself to pay the tax on the items. missing out the part where I need to fly I could just contract you to retrieve it for me if you were a haulier.

Oh yeah no, it’s supposed to be a pain. But honestly asset safety just shouldn’t exist

I’ve been quite happy it exists I had moved to a corp who changed hands overnight and spoke Chinese the next day kicked everyone and all my stuff was in the corp station. lesson learned but I spent months trying to get back in too with no joy.

see that should have just ended with all your stuff locked away. Thats how outposts used to work. and if a station goes boom? well piñata

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