A tweek to asset safety

so a lot of people grumble about asset safety and all that.
so i had an idea about tweeking it.

if for example you’re in nulllsec and you asset safety your stuff, or it gets moved via asset safety, instead of going to the nearest low sec system, it goes to the next nearest access-able structure. this way it actually puts a lot of stuff still at risk

so from 1 blue structure to another if the structure is closed down.

this would mean people like the recognizable hauling services such as red frog and their various levels of service or JF services actually stand to get more credit and also content, allowing them to talk to diplos about standings and docking rights allowing them to simply do their jobs or moving goods. creating less of a “it will magically appear in low sec soon” and going back to the old style of “to move something it needs to be hauled” approach

After 5 days a player can choose to have the assets delivered to an NPC station, outpost, or Upwell Structure in the same system the assets were originally located. If the package is not moved manually within 20 days after its creation, it will be automatically moved

You know, I actually don’t know the reasons why people hate asset safety so much, and would like to hear them.

Regardless, what is to stop enterprising capsuleers from sending their enemies stuff to a station they control (i.e. plop down a nearby raitaru and temporarily give your enemy docking rights/standings/whatever right before blowing up their structure)? And now that I think about it, I wonder if players can open other players asset safety wraps, and whether they can be opened is space (which would make their crap easier to haul). Because if so, I would forsee this used as a way to get at enemy assets in fueled structures.

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I don’t really see the benefit here. If you’re AFK and your side loses a war your stuff is probably going to end up in lowsec either way. If I’m playing I’ll just use a JF service for anything I care about and the rest can slowly make its way to lowsec.

It already goes to another structure (in system) by default, so no change there.

And if there are no other structures in system it goes to low sec, but then the asset safety fee is considerably higher.

Various reasons I guess:

  • much less risk because of asset safety
  • people can safely teleport loot and ESS profit to low sec while roaming in hostile space

Personally I think the effect asset safety has on risk is fine: asset safety means that players can take a long break from EVE and not lose everything (unless they’re playing on hardcore mode in wormhole space without asset safety), which makes it more likely people continue playing after a break.

The biggest problem of asset safety that I see is that players can use it to transport loot without risk from hostile space. Roaming groups can deliver items to any (hostile) structure and use asset safety to teleport it to an NPC station in another region:

Stolen ESS value or killed a ratter with expensive modules? Put it in the nearest structure for safekeeping, even if that structure belongs to the owners of the ESS money and the ship you just destroyed. Defenders caught you and bliw up your ship? No problem, the loot alreasy is safe anyway!

Asset safety in itself isn’t bad. The way it can be abused is.

just to be clear i’m not hating on asset safety i’m simply proposing that it goes somewhere more local first and is mandatory instead of optional.

this would allow capsuleers to have faster access to their stuff, if you have a large amount of stuff to move, then you get a hauler / frieghter service.

I was in a group once which shut down a structure and didn’t tell the line members, due to real life commitments i couldn’t do anything about this for a while and when i returned to the game i would of had to paid to move my war assets back to staging from lowsec, local transport would be simply easier and be faster too.

They arent going to, in case of a spy. I had a RL friend who was higher up with the managers etc. Didnt tell me or our other RL friend about the structure being sold/moved. So when we returned our stuff was in low.

If they want to avoid spies: best they can tell you is to get your stuff out a few weeks in advance, but even that will be dangerous information as it tells spies to prepare a hauler and pay attention to the unanchoring structure.

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regardless of spies or anything else the concept behind the idea is to move assets locally rather than god knows how many jumps away.

in my humble opinion moving assets between regions should be done by haulers and freighter pilots, if asset safety was done locally it would help create this.

Again it is moved locally after 5 days if you tell it to. If not then tough ■■■■.

again should be mandatory and automatic

Tough ■■■■.
15% fees across the board then.

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