[CCPLEASE]Change mecanic nullsec remote asset safety and change toevent the local slow time slight_smile

hello all, hello ccp, hello csm,

Is my opinion, I playing eve during 12 years and actually you take the wrong road to continue the good activity in tq.

For me the local remove is good for counter the bot or script autowarpsafe, example actually in period basis activity farming is 0 npc kill ( last week 1k/5k per system)

but is not cool because you afraid the carebear= target, for me the event is cool is during one or two week end per month for create a lot of roam and drama :slight_smile:

For me is wrong road because you attack by wrong angle to lost isk in ns, for me the nullsec is dangerous yes but you add the asset safety and is very idea I do not understand that concord is nice and transfer your assets in lowsec, it’s not RP and not dangerous

for me finaly the very good option is you create sometime event for remove local in ns and you delete the asset safety and similar to drop in wh space the stuff of members:

-the people will have to move so it is possible to lose ships

  • people take risks to defend their structure otherwise they lose everything in the structure.
  • when the timer is Hull impossible to move these affairs

I ask you to think, a good idea to create content, defense, attack, possible loot and give the desire to break structures.

Have a good day all, and lot of fun!!!

So… in two months when one group has burnt all of null and are the only people who have titans remaining, what then?

Concord is not in charge of Asset Safety.
If I’m not mistaken, it is Interbus who operates this Asset Safety feature.

In those 12 years, assets in outposts were never ever in danger of getting destroyed at all. Yet, EVE thrived more than it does now.

I wonder if you took that into consideration in your incoherent suggestion.


Apparently, you’re not keeping up with CCP that the feather go change the Asset safety somewhere along the line coming up for NS they haven’t done it yet but they’re going to give them time before you go on a rant that’s unnecessary because it’s already in the works 07 fly safe

This only helps the big cluster powerhouses and not the smaller groups.
This view only boost those in power and not those who are farmed and makes the need to join big powerblocks even greater.
This change would not help nul to develop and get more different players on the field.

That’s right, but POS were not safe at all. And smaller Citadels, that should replace POS functions, suddenly provide an Asset Safety.
“I wonder if you took that into consideration in your incoherent suggestion.” :smiley:

I would really be happy to see, that Asset Safety would only work in larger Citadels, Fortizars+!

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very good idea or just in xl structure

I hope they dont remove asset safety, it is very nice to actually living in null sec, but raising the cost would be ideal.

A complete removal would not be fair. But Asset Safety cut off many game mechanics. Before Asset Safety you had to evacuate your stuff from Stations or POS. Stations can’t be destroyed, but if you didn’t remove your Assets in time, you had to contact Black Frog, or make Firesale Contracts, or get an Alt into the new Entity. Hell Camping, Black Frog, evacuating and the other side, who waited for them to kill them … all content, that is lost now imho. A POS could drop nice stuff. It was motivation for more conflicts (content) in 00.

That’s why I think Asset Safety should be only available on large/xl structures, maybe even combined with a service running for that!

I think the players need to stop having their hand held. In particular, the whine flavored tears on this thread.

  1. They don’t need loot to drop, just blow what ever ■■■■ you see on the field up. Entitled much ?
  2. Asset moved, means you have to find them and hurt them more. Just because its in another station, doesn’t mean you cannot shoot them again, go move and find them.

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