[CCPLEASE]Change mecanic nullsec remote asset safety and change toevent the local slow time :)

hello all, hello ccp, hello csm,

Is my opinion, I playing eve during 12 years and actually you take the wrong road to continue the good activity in tq.

For me the local remove is good for counter the bot or script autowarpsafe, example actually in period basis activity farming is 0 npc kill ( last week 1k/5k per system)

but is not cool because you afraid the carebear= target, for me the event is cool is during one or two week end per month for create a lot of roam and drama :slight_smile:

For me is wrong road because you attack by wrong angle to lost isk in ns, for me the nullsec is dangerous yes but you add the asset safety and is very idea I do not understand that concord is nice and transfer your assets in lowsec, it’s not RP and not dangerous

for me finaly the very good option is you create sometime event for remove local in ns and you delete the asset safety and similar to drop in wh space the stuff of members:

-the people will have to move so it is possible to lose ships

  • people take risks to defend their structure otherwise they lose everything in the structure.
  • when the timer is Hull impossible to move these affairs

I ask you to think, a good idea to create content, defense, attack, possible loot and give the desire to break structures.

Have a good day all, and lot of fun!!!

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