Personal Asset Safety Wrap cost is insane!


I came back to EvE and what I unfortunately found out that ALL my ships / modules / assets / ressources are in this damn Asset Safety Wrap. I have lik 10kk ISK only.

How can I use my asset’s to make money while I don’t have any (poor 10kk ISK pilot here). I have ships like Orca, T2 Mining Barges etc. But the price of moving them from asset container to my inventory is insane and I don’t know what to do. Do i really have to buy plex, sell it for ISK and then move objects one by one?

I would start to mine some mineralz but I can’t cuz my ships are in that damn package. Wat do? Should I ask support to at least move mining ships to my hangar???

@Edit. Moving just my orca from Asset Container to Hangar costs over 134kk ISK…

If it wasn’t for asset safety, your ships would have been destroyed or in enemy hangars by now. So there’s that.

I very much doubt ccp will move your stuff for you. This is all part of normal game mechanics and the price is hefty to avoid exploitation.

If it’s truly everything you’ve got, then you may have to look for a loan off a friend or buy a venture.


So basically im screwed and I can start new acc. I guess that’s enough eve for me.
Thx anyway!

AFAIK you should be able to get individual items from the asset safety wrap, so you don’t have to pay the entire amount at once. Get the ships you need immediately and work from there.


Can i have your stuff?


Imagine you lost all your stuff.
Buy a venture, mine for 5 hours. You can afford that.
Buy a barge from the proceeds of said mining, mine for 10-20 hours.
Congratulations, you can now afford to move your orca.

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YOu are right. I did’t know that I can move them individually. Just moved retriever. Good that it’s already with full fit :slight_smile:

Let’s MINE. Thx for your help guys!


You’ve still got all your sp. Starting again would just be a knee jerk and a waste.


I paid like 20m ISK ro recover expired cerebral accelerators from a container :smiley: , awesome ripoff from CCP :smiley: , If I could just see what was in the container itself , sigh…


I paid 50 for a jf

I paid 70m for 6kk exotic dancers. Imagine the pleasure i felt inside when i found it was them and not my legion named Exotic Dancer…


You can file a support ticket… if you are lucky to find a sympathetic GM, they might help a long-lapsed returning player. Only GM’s can know if your story is legit, other active players thinking of stuff stuck on lapsed alt accounts, shouldn’t risk trolling the GM’s.

or you could take the million you have, get destroyer, go salvage for someone in a mission ship = profit?

tbh, a thing like asset safety shouldn’t exist in a sandbox game like - and especially in - eve.


Why would you start a new account, it will have nothing too?

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Thats old news.

yes the stations should drop everything so the null sec alliance can run through empire with their 1k man fleets, after all if you cant protect it than you dont deserve it

Sure, mate, let’s take the worst possible example of what could maybe happen and use it as an argument. That’s ■■■■■■■ brilliant.

How about this, they make asset safety optional, like the option to transfer stations. It’s automatically off, but if you want to utilize asset safety, you have to make a monthly payment to concord for the chance to have asset safety, to which you may not keep everything in it.

see how ridiculous that sounds compared to your comment.
so for those who don’t want asset safety, can lose ALL their ■■■■ and not pay concord.
For me, I like the current set up, Asset safety has saved my ass a few times already.

Greetings if you need help, our corp can give you a barge. Just email me