Why does saftey asset delete 50 - 100% nw?

I mean… CCP adds a tax of 15% of marketvalue to be able to have your items back in an inventory…
And 15 percent is nice sum regarding a game save, SRP.
A players networth and their “grind” does not simply obliterate into space, just becouse you lost an war.

BUT It kinda does obliterate, actually?

15% tax + % of hauling fees or -isk/hr you aint making while you haul (and very likely blow up in the process, losing everything to nerd/bot-camped space…)
Also subtract;
the value of all items not deemed worthy of buying out/hauling.
add the market tax if you need to sell items - to buy your saftey asset
subtract also the loss when you was ‘forced’ by ccp to sell @ in “firesale” / “asset safty sell”.

without doing any actual math.
I believe that saftey asset will ‘steal’ somewhere between 50% and 100% of a players networth, in null.

Now. My question is this:
In what way would it be ‘game breaking’ to allow saftey assets to be transferred to a players (new) home station?

keep in mind that the ‘saftey asset’-system is NOT put in place for us ‘players to be able to get our items back’. No. Saftey asset is in the game so that CCP does not lose customers, when ingame assets disappear, but we kinda lose those asset anyway under the guise of somekind of master suppression technique.

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Maybe do actual math.

The asset safety cost is 15% of the value of your items in asset safety in the worst case (0.5% best case if within system) and at most 100% of your net worth will be in asset safety (when you have no liquid ISK and all your assets are in asset safety), so, worst case, you need to pay at most 15% of your net worth to get it all out.

Most likely you have some ISK and/or plex in wallet and have goods elsewhere too, and you may not care about some of the items in asset safety, in which case you need to pay a number significantly smaller than 15% of your net worth.

But it it, it kind of is in the name: it keeps your assets for you safe so that you can get your items back when a structure is destroyed.

If you want assets to be transferred from one location to another, maybe take a look at courier contracts?


Asset safety is there to punish the the losing organization without unfairly affecting people who aren’t active at the moment. Lowering the difficulty of accessing asset safety items reduces the punishment to an organization as a whole, and it is arguably very lenient anyway.

It also reduces the incentive to defend citadels instead of just blue-balling attackers.

Being able to freely transfer items in asset safety would be a vastly overpowered hauling technique that eliminates player interaction, because people being stupid trying to move around things that were in asset safety generates a lot of content.

tl;dr this idea kills content sources and risk-reward balances


well, the math is individual, it all depends on how someone diversity their assets.
0.5-15% SRP for all inventory is fine!
But… how much of a players inventory is plausible to haul/sell/use?
for me its about 75% .thus, i can regain 50% of my original glorious nw, as i’ve already isk-sunk/payed 15% for it.
others players might not be as fortunate as me.

lol… i was actually drunk and spent all liquid isk… +10b … on buyiing back EVERYTHING… lol.
i have gods all over thou and i could easily manage to ‘get back on my feet’.
i just cba. i need to focus on new work anyways.

well… i donated 1-2 caps to the war effort then asset saftey entire inventory and went afk to focus on last year of school.
I can without a doubt say that the 24/7 bubble gate camps are unfairly punishing me who was not, ‘active at the moment’.

To be honest, i dont think asset saftey should exist in null. But it does.
Or does it rly?

i dont know, i feel like the current asset saftey is a scam or an mirage.

I have done so.
And i have arrived at the conclusion that the hauler i hire, would need the highest agent reputations to be able to pack their haulers, using Interbus patented wrapping techniques.

Isnt that the risk you take for having your assets out in the middle of nowhere?

So why are you complaining.

So hire a courier service.

How so? It allows you to safely move your assets from a nullsec station to a lowsec one, allow you to determine if it is worth paying the tax to retreive it, and then allows you to retreive it at a fraction of the price.

I have a couple Supercarriers in asset safety. I may never bring them out, but atleast theyre safe, and i have the option to bring them out. Id rather pay 15% of a super than 100%.



No, not at all, the only risk involved here was ccp risking 2x omega subscriptions.

for low m3 high isk items, sure.
i will however lose another 5-15% nw on said items…
i will also lose 100% nw off high m3 low isk items.

as i’ve said, me personally, with my inventory… if i where to give a hoot i would lose 50% of my total original nw, pre-afk.

Now, what i try to explain is;
i still have my total ‘previous’ nw (minus 15% ofc ). ccp however is missing 2 active omega subscription, +mcm.

yeah thats the mirage… it places assets in reach of >opponent factions.< thats goes against the English dictionary regarding the term ‘saftey’ and also ‘assets’… i believe?

why would the alternative be 100%?
as i see it; the 15% more then enough cover any ingame isksink/-fee’'s associated with having my actual ‘Saftey Assets’ arrive at my new home station.

i was sarcastic, and hinted that there could be an opportunity to incorperate this asset-management thru new NPC-hauling centers. this could then harness SOME of the super powerful packaging-press/techniques used by asset saftey department.

I found 1^16 m3 repackaged to 1m3 in my “asset saftey wrap”.

Perhaps the asset saftey station press manager are more lenient to reserve more power for the press, thus enabling a higher density wrapping depending on a haulers npc-reputation, or such? shrugs

Yea that last one has me confused as well

This is intellectually dishonest; 15% is 15%. You need to pay for all those other considerations regardless of what the asset safety fee is, so your thread effectively amounts to a complaint that it costs you 35-85% to liquidate basically anything you possess outside of the market hub where you’re planning to make the sale (35-85% also being a gross exaggeration, but a separate consideration from this).

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So let me get this straight.

Not only do they lose the war but they’re also punished on top of it?:flushed:

If you lose a fight you lose your ship. I you choose to have assets in space and you’re not good enough to avoid others destroying it, you lose your stuff.

Asset safety is already a carebear thing, asking for it to be easier or cheaper is just terrible.

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Thank you for answering my question.

Right, so no safety. Got it.

Asset safety allows those who put up their own sand castles a chance to keep their stuff safe. If a structure goes abandoned (no fuel for 7 days) its treated like a wh structure and loot drops.

As far as moving assets to lowsec, its the closest losec with an npc station. If your enemies are that close, id reconsider my location or plan to rid my enemies.

Safest way to never lose assets is a npc station.

Its the closest losec with a npc station. If the opposing faction or whatever is that close to you, that seems a personal problem.

This is some kind of ambivalent shadowzone. I have lost nothing more then 15%, if i stop playing. Which i have.
If i continue to play… I will either lose alot more OR put throuh alot of grieves playtime. shrugs. I have limited playtime and i need some relax time after work, i rather pause eve and maybe comeback in a year or two :slight_smile:
if eve still alive by then?

lol… i never understood eve players general need to ‘punish’ other players :revolving_hearts:

I agree. Null shouldn’t have asset saftey :slight_smile:
Low-sex should thou.

but that put aside, null DOES have so called ‘asset saftey’.

Well, what i really said that liquidate was my only real option. as i cannot move ships/fits, shrugs.
Optional i’d love to have all my so-called ‘saftey asset’ to be deliverd to my new null home, so i can continue to play eve without hafto liiquidate my stuff :confused:



Just because you aren’t aware of alternatives doesn’t mean they don’t exist.

I have no problem moving stuff through low-sec in a hauler just by doing it during daily dips in player activity and using a scout.

Or you can hire a jump freighter courier service. They’d only have to do a single jump to move the stuff somewhere that borders high-sec, and then you can easily move the stuff out yourself.

i bet i can even get some corpmates in some kind of drunk kitchen sink roam with the goal of getting home alive thru 40 jumps… but tbh, that’s pretty much the only fun aspect involved in the practical application of null’s, so-called, ‘saftey assets’-game mechanic? idk, idgaf.

iam however aware of all main-stream alternatives you mention, i simply choose not to continue my gameplay when those are the only alternatives on the table.

Then feel free to contract everything to me before you unsubscribe and uninstall. I’m not going to have any of your problems with those assets.

It would defeat the entire purpose of this game, for starters.

i rather pause eve (aka quit for an extended time) then part ways with my items/nw.