Question about Asset Safety wrap and options

So I returned to the game fairly recently and was invited to a new corp 89 jumps from where I was. I no longer had access to my old corps citadel (they merged with another corp) so after jumping I sent my assets into safety so I could get them out. They are now 45 jumps away. This is far to far for me to go get them but as they are safety wrapped I can’t put them on a contract which means I cannot get them shipped to me nor can I sell them off.

What are my options here?

You need to fly to the station where they have been delivered and unwrap them. At that point, you can contract Back Frog or a competitor to move them.

Depending on your current location they can deliver them to you or to a market hub where you can re-contract to your corporation jump freighter service.

No other options? I really can’t really go that far jeebus.

No remote option. Find a shortcut with wormholes / Thera, and do the trip when the effective distance is shorter. Also 45j in a fast ceptor will take 30min maybe.

Well, just be grateful that youre not completely locked out of the citadel, and dont have to potentially get lowballed for a tenth of the items price.

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