Assets Tracking Wrap question

Is there anyway to retrieve a item from a assets Safety Wrap apart from physically going there? Because I have mutiple items in asset Safety wraps,which include ships I could use and fittings,but traveling 54+ jumps into low-sec mutiple items is something I’d rather not do without a substantial escort. Even with that, it’d be risky as hell.

Hire push x or red/black frog to move them

No items found,when I try and create a contract with them,so kinda hard to do.

You have to remove the wrap if im not mistaken.

Yes,which I can’t appear to do do without physically going there and removing it,which I’m skeptical about doing as I said.

You need to be physical there to unwrap. But what is the issue? Grab a shuttle or hauler and travel there.

no other way than to go there physically
no need for an escort, as suggested above, use a shuttle
and use Thera whs to shorten the route. You are not in a hurry and can wait for a good connection

I’m waiting for 2 years now, checking every now and then I’m passing by, to get a supercaptital array out of asset safety system, where in station I would pay a fortune to reprocess due to super low standing. Someday there will be a suitable VL highsec connection, to get my freighter in and out. :smiley:

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