Plastic Wrap And Contraband

If you set up a courier contract to haul some contraband and wrap it or double wrap it, can the courier be stopped by the faction police or customs?

Apparently customs can see through supposedly “unscannable” blockade runners…

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Nevermind. Apparently you can’t even courier contract contraband in the first place. It doesn’t bother to tell you that until you get to the very last step of the contract though. How nice…

Guess I’ll just have to use a throwaway alt and pay the fines…

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Yeah, that sux.

It would be cool if there were special implants, ship modules and skills made specifically for a smuggling career.

However some time ago CCP did remove Legality repercussions from a lot of in-game items, basically tells me CCP has no interest in building that type of content.

Suicide gankers are doing custom’s jobs by now. It’s more player driven than the old smuggling model.

Fixed that for you.

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I was just trying to get certain types of contraband in various systems for use in an upcoming tutorial I’m making. I’ll just have to use an alt to get it to the stations I’m wanting it at.

How do you double-wrap something? (Not referring to my other … ‘something’ - I already know how to double-wrap that :smiley: )

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Cargo scanners can only see through one layer of a container. So, in order to keep gankers from being able to see what you are transporting, you double wrap the courier contract. You contract the cargo to one person, which plastic wraps it once. Then that person contracts that plastic wrap to an alt which places it inside another plastic wrap. It is the only scenario in EVE in which a container can be placed inside of another container.

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Wait I don’t get it. You can contract a contract to someone else?

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Ok, I had it slightly wrong. The person creating the contract places the items inside a secure container, which is one layer, then once it is contracted it is plastic wrapped, which is the second layer. If a ganker scans your cargo, the only thing they are going to see is a plastic wrap and not what is inside of it.

It’s a pretty entertaining way to troll gankers. You load up an insured Charon, fully tanked, with a single unit of Tritanium double wrapped. It’s up to them to decide if what you potentially have in your cargo is worth the gank. Even if they do decide to go for it, the insurance almost completely pays for a new Charon, and they get a single unit of Tritanium for their efforts…



Can ‘secure container’ be almost anything… like a freight container?

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Not sure if it absolutely has to be a secure container or not. I think any container should work since it would still be two layers of containers.

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Find a route without custom’s officers and you’ll be fine. Maybe wait a day and recheck gates. Iirc they are being re-seated at downtime and don’t have fixed spots.

If you could courier contract contraband, the contract system would have to tell you upfront what you are going to carry before you accept a contract. Otherwise the haulers would get fined for transporting contraband which they could not know was in the contract, which is not acceptable.

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Yeah, not trying to get any haulers in trouble, just trying to move some contraband without taking a standings hit. Normally you can’t cargo scan a blockade runner, but of course the NPC’s cheat, so, yeah…


Good luck with that. It will certainly be an adventure to figure out a route with the least NPC risk. :smile:

I appreciate your posting the answer to this, as it is very obscure and not something I would have known otherwise.


No. It’s flying around in an empty freighter thinking it’s entertaining.

When you look at your thread with the freighter kills will you know there is safer prey with more guaranteed drops coming around sooner or later.

It’s good, but I want a more practical tool for it - an immune container for scanners and a Cargo Scanner rebalance (suspect timer and scanning limitation).

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Then gankers would just start popping every hauler they see on principle, which isn’t that much of a loss if you are flying an insured, empty T1 hauler. But if you are flying anything T2 or uninsured, or you were carrying valuable cargo, you’re still in the same situation you were before…

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