Failed Courier contracts see what was in there

Hi, currently its not possible to see, what is in a courier contract and in case the courier fails, you never know what was in there to rebuy it…

make it possible to see what inside is.

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Why not make a evepraisal before the contract so you have what is in it on record

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Why is this a concern?

its a problem, because there are many different items… the idea with evepraisal is great! but again a third party solution and not an ingame… why is it not possible to know what you are delivering, is a mysterious for me.

If you knew what was inside a package before taking it, it’d be too easy to snipe contracts with undervalued collateral or spot scams. I think it’s better for the ecosystem of hauling that you can’t tell whats in a package before taking it

in her example, it’s issued by her… meaning when she creates a courier contract, she can’t see what was in it if it fails to rebuy everything she lost.


Why wouldn’t she know what she’s shipping? If she’s just moving random stuff to sell then she should just take the collateral as the sold-for price (which is intended to be at least the value of the contents)

It would depend on how many courier contracts that you’re making. For example, an industrialist corp mate of mine used to set buy orders for production materials all over the place, and then contract it out to his corpies to haul all that stuff back to where he did his industry (I know, because I used to run all those contracts). So, I could see how moon would prefer to just be able to quickly see what was lost from their own contracts, instead of having to log everything.

Ah, true I guess. Could be a good idea if you can only see what was in it AFTER the contract is accepted or failed.

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