Courier Contract Failed Scam?

So I set up a public courier contract to have some stuff delivered, and the person who accepted the contract is about an hour away of not completing it.

Out of curiosity, I checked their contract history and noted that they have failed every courier contract that they have ever accepted. I know that time to time, they can get ganked, but EVERY ONE? wow, that’s some serious unluckiness!

Anyhoo, I guess ill get the collateral back, but just wondering, what is the benefit to purposely failing the contract?

Making sure you dont get your stuff.

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Thats a thing, huh?

Well in that case, I need to make sure they always get my contracts as all they are is loot and junk I take to jita to sell!
That saves me time :slight_smile:

If you want serious stuff moved, contact push x.

Can you EvE-Mail me his name please? I have a couple of ideas.

I hope you put up collateral.

Cause people will fail contracts if they see the items being worth more than the collateral.

It’s all good. I didn’t lose anything but a day.
I dont have any hard feelings.
Thanks anyways

Yea, no loss for me. just wondering how they would benefit other than delaying me a day, and they lose their colateral isk too!
Strange folk out there in them stars!

So in fact they bought your stuff for the collateral? Perhaps that’s their way of trading…


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