Contracting vs deliver - why do some only wtb if its delivered?

Im a returning player, selling 2 skins and had a offer from a guy wanting me to deliver it in Jita, when i said i dont deliver he wasnt interested, even though its a few jumps out only.
I was apprehensive about it since it just felt “wrong”.
Can anyone tell me why he only want it if i deliver it , feel like a scam or trap tbh.

Was it Serenity Fireslayer or Rainbow Witcher? If so then you avoided a scam.

There’s a few good reasons for someone wanting SKINs to be delivered despite being able to remotely activate them. They might want to resell them, simply collect them without activating, or they might not know that they can be remotely activated.

As long as you take precautions such as not moving them in a ship that would be profitable to kill for the loot you’re carrying, and never using the trade window (always use private contracts) then you should be fine. If you’re still worried about moving them then you could use a courier contract to move them for you (make sure to set appropriate collateral!). If you need any advice about this then check the “Haulers Channel” in-game chat channel.

Yep it was Serenity Fireslayer, thats what i figured.
Thanks for the feedback Elizabeth :slight_smile:

Could you enlighten us on what the scam is about?

Rub two brain cells together and station trade them… enjoy your 1,000 isk.

Is that how you become a thousand-aire?

It’s just your run of the mill station trade scam where they bait and switch you with the ISK.

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