Public Courier Contracts

TL’DR : Literally every public courier contract is a scam and I am curious how to potentially change that.

So. Having an old PVP toon I literally rolled just to give a PIRAT a smackin’ a while back I was wondering what to do with it.

Big Brain Idea !
AFK Distribution Missions.
Since I work from home all I have to do is to wait the audio ping “Docking request accepted” to know I delivered my goods :wink:

Similar to semi AFK mining where all you do is wait for the “Asteriod is depleted”

Now the issue with courier missions, especially when you do them AFK is that the isk/hr is absolutely horrible.
That however is not the topic of this thread.

My idea was… why not do public courier contracts and get at least a few mil ISK at once.
Turns out every available contract is a scam where you loose the colleteral either by no docking rights (upwell delivery target) or likely getting ganked on your way.

Would be cool to actualy have a functioning public courier contract market.

You can deliver items to stations you can’t dock at.
Explorers do it in null all day. They get phat loot, find nearest station, deposit then asset safety. That way they don’t lose everything when they finally get popped.
Most people use services like red frog for legit cargo hauling.

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oh nice I didnt know that works.

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You cannot on structures that are in hull timer or are not fully anchored because they were not cored. For those structures, the Cargo Deposit is not available. And even if you managed to get the package into such a structure, you still cannot deliver the contract because the contract service is not online due to the hull reinforcement/level.
Another thing about structure scams are “legit” pickups where they remove your docking right after you undock and then gank you on the undock with Taloses and insta tackle.

Taking contracts with structure destinations is not worth it in most cases. If you want to be a bit safer from scams, join the Haulers Channel and use their list of obvious scam structures and scam corps to block all issuers who setup contracts to and from such structures.


No. They don’t.

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There certainly are a chock-ton of scams in this game. It doesn’t help with player retention one bit. It’s to the point where I’m warry of anything and distrust anyone and that is not conductive to an enjoyable gaming experience.
I think EVE suffers from player loss because, among many other things, the game isn’t fun enough or almost no fun at all, just losses and very little gain or reward for the time spent and CCP knows this otherwise they wouldn’t have put all those log-in incentives, and now CCP is giving away millions of isk at log-in but people don’t play online games for the log-in incentives, they play them for fun and competition.
I have reinstalled World of Warships after a year off and I find that game more fun than EVE which is a shame because it wouldn’t take much to make EVE fun.

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the courier contracts make it obvious that partly. It is easier to scam and abuse than to engage in genuine trade and other interaction.

Imho scamming, ganking etc is fine but it needs to be the odd thing out of the bunch and not the other way around.

When scamming and ganking is daily business, but genuine business and interaction isnt. That is where risk vs. reward is off.

Personally it is one of the issues I see with ganking.
Ganking is fine and is part of the game. But way too easy.

Same goes for scamming.

Just my two cents.


A thousand dollars worth of two cents. I wholeheartedly agree with you.
It should be difficult to scam and gank players, those should be weeks and months in the making and certainly not with an Alpha account!

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It’s almost impossible to scam courier contracts now.

The only way now is to assume the route the player that accepts the contract will take… then plan to gank the player who accepts the contract in order to claim the collateral… but all you have to do is recontract it (unless that has changed) to the actual hauling character and the baiter ends up wasting 30 min of their time and has to pay the reward, having no clue which toon actually is carrying the load.


On top of that you can actually bait gank with character that took contract and in meantime slip by alt with real cargo.

But it’s easier to blame everything on scams than take some effort.

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98% of it is scam. If you have to work hard to fool your employer in order to get the job done, it’s a scam. Good on you for finding a way to stick it to them though.

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Some people don’t expect free isk for not playing the game. Join “Haulers Channel” and you will find a lot of legit courier contracts. But hey, that also takes some effort…

you don’t find good courier contracts in, in-game search because most of them is claimed soon after creation. And no one is talking about pricing. Many people consider contract scam just because they aren’t making millions per jump.

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Perhaps I’m looking at it too straight forward, as someone that runs logistics irl. An employer shouldn’t realistically be out to get you. If they are, don’t work for them.


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