Courier scammers again

You could transfer to an alt that can dock. Or just not take contracts to upwell structures.

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Was this one like 2b collateral and 2b reward? Sometimes the prices in the contract will give you an idea of if it is a scam

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You can also accept courier contracts on an alt and then transfer the plastic wrap to your industrial pilot. That way no one knows who your courier pilot is and can’t block them.

This is what groups like PushX and Red Frog do to keep their courier pilots anonymous.


I cant transfer parcel to an alt coz Dude put container inside.
And this is not a solution to the problem. The contract has already been taken.

Guess your just gonna have to take an L on this. Bust open the container and sell the worthless junk. And hope you don’t lose too much isk

That does not work because the contract service in the structure is not usable.

This is the third time now that this comes up and people still give the wrong answer.

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You cannot remove the core once it is put it. He just offlined the service module putting it into low power.

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May be. I’m not interested in this. I am interested in CCP eliminating the possibility of cheating in this way.

CCP knows it for long time (they fixed it with deposit, and broke it again with abandoned state), also I think Brisc from CSM has finally understood that this is an issue, and promised to bring it up… @Brisc_Rubal

The fix is stupidly easy, just allow deposit on all states.


I was trying to find where CCP mentioned it was a bug, but i can’t find it

I found a solution for this issue.

Stop hauling to player owned stations that you don’t trust.

Problem solved.


This is not a solution to the problem. This is the behavior of an ostrich that sticks its head in the sand.

Here is the original patch discussion

Welcome to how CCP deals with most problems of its own creation.

Or as we call them;

wait… you were not only hauling but also delivering on the same account you accepted the contract on? But you were doing it to a player structure?

You didn’t get scammed you donated your money.

Actually, James is 100% correct here. This is the answer to this problem.

Alternatively, you could start creating blacklists of people to avoid, and sharing the information amongst like minded individuals.

This is why people get so up in arms about folks whining for changes to the game. You have the tools to learn from this experience, but you don’t want to.

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This is the advice I would give you if courier contracts are you main focus in the game, otherwise ignore and just stop doing this ganeplay while it is bugged like this.

Petition as a bug that is game breaking for you. When they fail to sort it out which is highly likely, just tell them that you will have to stop your sub and not play until they sort it, ask them to send you a mail when it is patched.

You will likely lose all this ISK and all this effort, but CCP does not care. That is why de-subbing while this bug which had been known about since cores were implemented is the right course of action.


Voting with money is the only universally understood move.

Pay some mercs to war dec and smash his structures.

Revenge is sweet.


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Revenge is silly and waste of energy (IMO). Especially in a video game.