Courier contract scam?

I’d like to ask for an advice on a situation. I took a courier contract from Jita to a POS, and prior to taking it checked the docking availability of that POS. It was available. When I arrived to the drop-off point the POS was closed for me. The owner of the POS doesn’t respond to mail or chat. Is it a legal thing to do such things in the game? And is there any sense in filing a ticket to the devs? I made a screenshot that the POS was available at the start.
THX for answers.

Hi, that sounds like a scam - dont accept courier contracts that is to be delivered to a private station. They can revoke your right to docking. Sorry man…

so it’s a legit thing to fraud people like this?


Welcome to eve where things like this are not even legit but encouraged by devs!

Feel free to send a ticket anyways as its a retarded game mechanic and maybe if its annoying enough it’ll be removed. It is not fair to newer player’s as its not something that logically sounds like a scam since its technically exploiting game mechanic’s and not exploiting greed like usual scams and the only way they realize its a scam is by making the mistake in the first place.

A better alternative would be that if they revoked your access that it gives you a message saying “player so and so has revoked your access from such and such a place and in 24 hours you will not have access anymore please move out all items by this time”


Perfectly legal, yes. You should not accept any contracts to citadels because the majority of them are scams. Simply ignore the issuers in the contract search so that you cannot fall victim to these traps as easily again.

If you join the Haulers Channel you find a comprehensive list of scam contract issuers in the MOTD that should help you ignore all the trap contractors.

And please do what @Makshima_Shogo suggested. Pester customer support with these tickets. That might make them jump on CCP’s throats.

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thx for the tip

thx will do

Look on the bright side. You just learnt a new way to make isk in eve :wink:

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Thx, but I didn’t experience that hard psychological problems in my childhood to abuse people like this to compensate them.


I am assuming you are new to the game? If so, welcome to Eve Online! You just got to experience a wonder aspect of it!

I find myself asking if you knew what kind of game this was before playing. Did you not hear stories about the open sandbox nature of the game or how stealing, scamming, and all sorts of unsavory behavior is allowed to happen (as long as it’s within the games rules)?

I would encourage you not to waste a GMs time with this because it’s a perfectly valid and legal part of the game. Some lessons are learned the hard way, and I would hope that this experience will cause you to be more cautious when hauling courier contracts.

There’s a lot of ways you can shoot yourself in the foot or fall victim, but don’t worry… this probably won’t be the last time something distasteful happens to you at the hand of another player. Lastly I would encourage you not to assume too much about the mental state or morality of players behind the keyboard. This is an MMO where you are allowed to assume the persona of something that you might not be in real life.


I’m not new, I’m returning, although I do lack experience.
Yeah, I know that there are ganks and scamming, and all sort of other nice things but there are also ways to at least try to protect yourself from those. But this seems to me as a clear exploit of gameplay mechanics. Because when you’re offered say a fake trade contract, where you’re paying for a Navy Vexor and in the contract you get a standard one - it’s totally your lack of attention. When you go into dangerous places - you’re accepting rules of game and voluntarily face dangers. But in this case - you can’t tell anything, it’s an instument to legally exploit the game. Ok, I’m dumb enough to learn from my own lessons, not from smb’s else, but not dumb enough not to learn from the first time. I did several contracts to POS prior to this one and they went ok. No more.


What you fell victim to is not a POS but a citadel scam. There are “trusted” citadels that are deemed ok for you to deliver to as the owners can be trusted enough to not pull your access like what happened to you on this one.

Best bet is to join the haulers channel in-game and move on.

That I understood, thx for the info.

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Wow, this is just a game man. There is no need to use such language just because you lost some space money to some other player. Try to stay calm and learn from it.


Noob, now you know what not do. Lol

It is and I understand that. As i told, I’m learning from my studies.
Also I understand that we are looking in the game for some things that we can’t experience in real life. For example space ships pew-pew, or running a corp. Some can’t experience being successfull in real life and look for it in game - I’m just sorry for those, but it’s totally their right.

I might be mistaken but isn’t there a warning before you accept a courier contract telling you you may not be able to dock at the destination?


There is. Ignore that warning at your own risk I’d daresay.

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Looks more like you try to comfort yourself with some illusion that the other player just bested you because he has a crappy rl. That does not sound like you learned something to be honest.

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