Courier contract scam?

Yea but the warning sais that its posible that you may not dock at the destination the warning doesn’t say that the owner can at any time cancel your docking privilege’s (just after you accept the contract… -_-) which means logically the player will go there to see if he can dock first then go and accept the contract afterward’s if that message is worded better it could make the whole process a lot more acceptable.

I’m all for danger and scam’s and loss and all that but a new player should at least have good info at his/her finger tip’s.

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The message is fine. Access list mechanics are a good thing to learn about.


Oh boy, projections like these because you are too insecure and dense to admit you made a mistake and paid the price in a space pixels video game is just the very reason people call such hi-sec players carebears and whatnot, and as a result over time it becomes a blanket term as each time someone acts like this there is further evidence more people behave this way and have this twisted sense and need for self-justification… in a video game.

They say haters gonna hate… and it’s true, ironically more often than not the haters are not the ones who play the game as intended, but the ones labeling them for doing so to try feeling better about themselves over their own mistakes, as usual blaming others.

When someone outsmarts you in poker, chess, risk or any game whatsoever you also hate on them too?

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no he answers to someone who said how to get money, not to you.
Learn to read posts before you answer them, your constant aggressions are even worsen by the fact they are completely out of the topic.

We ALL know hauling to citadel is a stupidly broken mechanism. There are even post specifically dedicated to this.
People who abuse those mechanisms are not “better”. IT’s just that this particular Eve mechanisms is broken, and you need to try to use it to understand how broken it is.

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He was directly answering to me and the only one who can’t read posts and seems to be aggressive here is you. Maybe you should take your own advice.

There are posts to all sorts of things, that means exactly nothing. I don’t care if the game mechanic seems broken or not, I care about how people interact with each other if they play a game.

This is a game where it is totally legit to abuse game mechanics to win at the game. It is better to accept that, learn from it and then move on. In no way does it helps the op to comfort himself with lies about the rl of the player who beat him at EVE. It will only result in misery for himself and will make him quit the game eventually.

no he was answering to the post above his.
Which is :

For this like for your whole post, you are just completely out the topic.

But of course, when your sole goal in this forum is to be an asshole, it’s easy to take posts out of context to make them say the opposite of what they mean.
And then talk about projection.

As the ops question was answered, and to avoid this devolving into a further mess I will go ahead and close this.