I think Contract Failed?

I put out a courrier contract and it’s not there anymore but stuff wasn’t delivered, so I think it failed. I went over to transactions and checked and I see “contract reward deposited” 4,636K, yup this makes sense it’s what I entered for the contract reward, “contract broker’s fee” 16K, yeah makes sense, and then “contract deposited” 10K, I think this is redundant with the broker’s fee, but OK. The thing is, I didn’t get the contract reward back after the contract failed.

At least I think it failed. I have no outstanding contracts and it wasn’t delivered. I would have thought the game would have a mail from the NPC broker saying “your contracted failed” or something. I’m a bit surprised there is no notification of the completion or failure of a contract other than inferring.

The cargo is lost, I can live with that. What I don’t get is why I had to infer the contract failed and what happened to the contract reward. Since the stuff wasn’t deleivered, should the reward not be paid?

Is this courier contract? In contracts window, my contracts tab. Select “In progress” and click “get contracts”. Last one is very important because window don’t refresh automatically.

Outstanding contracts are ones that aren’t accepted/taken by anyone. In progress, means someone accepted your contract but is in process of delivering it’s content.

Failed one would be in “finished” or “requires attention”. Can’t really remember right now. And items, if not in item hangar. Should be in deliveries tab.

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Apparently that is the step I was missing.

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