Is it possible to get a list of items which was in finished courier contract?

Hi guys,

Working on getting some statistical data based of corp SeAT, noticed that for courier contracts there is no history of items in them.
I tried ESI, on swagger, but failed to provide a token…

IF you know - does ESI personal or corp API’s return list of these items?
Or may be there is another way to track it? may be a way to get a containerId of the parcel box somewhere (assuming it doesn’t exist anymore either)?


No, only way to see whats is in it is look inside it in game, or (iirc) thru assets while it’s in progress.


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sucks… yeah I tried them as well already. Figured swagger authentication.
worst is confirmed, lol

don’t ever loose expensive parcels :smiley:
…gonna try tracing item_ids through market transactions and then assets … but I have even bigger doubts.

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