Is older contract history being erased by default? I really need my 1 old contract

People in game tell me they can track their contract history back by 12 months, one guy said August 2017, everything older is gone.
Since contracts are being erased then is there an in game means (like notepad) to save any of them and share them to other players?
And how much time exactly must pass for the erasing to happen?

It’s all about my old public courier contract I issued with collateral over 5,5bil and handsome reward that got accepted within seconds and delivered some 12-15 jumps in under half an hour.
I absolutely used to love to share it because of the size of collateral and as example how fast can things be moved with the reward being big enough.
I would love to keep it or others like it and keep on sharing when introducing people to courier contracts and Haulers chat channel.

Some 3rd party stuff may be nice to recall exact numbers but if it isn’t widely recognized and/or doesn’t allow sharing in game then I think it’s not enough for me.

Make a screenshot of it and keep it safe, upload to some image sharing service as needed (or just keep the link if that service keeps them indefinitely, still better to keep a copy of image).

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This is excellent :slight_smile: how did I not think about that? Needs to wait for another contract like that to happen but this should work.

I just noticed that too. Until last year or so I could check my contracts back till 2012 when I started doing things. Now only the fails from that time show up, all the completed contracts are gone from my history and only contracts from exactly 1 year ago remain in the history. Way to go, CCP, way to go.

CCP seems to be running into ever more issues to store and preserve information for the users. :thinking:

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