Eve contract search outside of the game?

Im pretty sure there isn’t! Is there a way to search and possibly bid or buy contracts outside of the game like the prices on a market site?

I’m almost positive there isn’t… and if there is its not legit… dont quote me on that though as im still learning. :nerd_face:

That’s what I thought too.

I been wanting to read the local contracts while I was sitting at home offline see if there is anything I could use.

Lazyguy logging in takes 10 seconds

And at work. I’m a security guard with WAY too much time on my hands. Just wanting to pass the time, forums helps a lot, just wanted something productive.

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You’re right. There is no API endpoint that allows you to search contracts, nor following on, one that allows you to bid/buy.

There’s nothing the the ESI planned for that either that I’m aware.

I’d love it, but then I guess, CCP want us to login and look at the graphics of the game too, even when a lot of the game can be played without the UI.

In the ESI here:


You can get your own or Corp contracts (if you have the right permissions to authorise that), but there are no endpoints to modify anything in the game, unless you are logged in.

Technically, totally doable.

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