Can we please have official websites from CCP with the maps, LP store information, market information and also contract information.
Can we please have regularly updated websites. The ones out there currently aren’t updated regularly
For contracts, is there a way i can check them out of game?

Websites need domains and webmasters… it’s not an economically viable route for a company that only cares about profits.
Why would CCP spend money on things that already exist and that others manage free of charge?

Request denied.

I fail to see how that’s any of CCP’s concerns.

Just undock in a bling hauler with 2bil in cargo and do your part to make EVE exciting.

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Maps →
Market → EVE Tycoon
LP Store → LP Store - Return on ISK

You can also build your own via EVE Swagger Interface, you can script it with PowerShell easily if you don’t want to compile or host apps, combining the data is easily with joins too (Join-object is useful). If you look at my posts in other places you can see me using PowerShell functions I wrote to query the data. You can run Powershell on all major platforms, including Linux and MacOS.

I mention Powershell because it works with objects making it very simple and powerful rather than just parsing text. If you’re a command line junkie then it’s a good choice for this.

A website with a simple ESI query builder would be useful for custom queries for web users.

It’s not that hard to use google…

Yes it is.

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