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Under the Neocom menu you have a lot of stuff you can do and by that i mean a lot of stuff meant for managing your character. you don’t always have the chance to log on in eve to accept your contracts, check how your corp is doing and all that stuff so what i would like to see happen is an online web interface where you could do all these things without logging into EVE itself.

Pretty much all the Neocom applications would work in an online tool like this. The market might be a bit tricky considering bots and all that stuff but Inventory, Mining Ledger, Contracts, Wallet, Industry etc would have been perfect in a website or even a mobile app perhaps.

Thanks for your attention :slight_smile:

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Good in theory. It’s not going to happen though. Too much $ cost relative to CCP’s lack of ambition for such things. CCP 10 years ago would have tried, but big projects aren’t part of CCP’s agenda any more. EVE’s been in survival mode for a number of years now. Everything either has to be profitable or cheap. I’m not entirely sure CCP’s even bothering to maintain ESI or API or whatever they are calling it nowadays. Which is especially relevant because API platforms are the key to maintaining a security barrier between the wild web and the game. Keeping that channel secure is a huge part of the cost. And on top of that, CCP’s web team has never been particularly good. I’m pretty sure there are 3rd party tools, and maybe even an official mobile app, that lets you do some of that stuff, but I haven’t really messed with it because really, there’s none of that stuff that can’t wait until I’m ready to log in.

they have never really been. I cant think of a single one CCP ever completed. they would always hype it up release a less than half complete mess then hype up another project and forget about it. this is one of the main reasons that

Well, they did the spacebook thing for a while, Until they realized that making a halfassed copy of someone else’s idea wasn’t going to get used much.

I am feeling kinda iffy about my post though… I forgot there’s a mobile app (that nobody talks about, if it still even exists) and that some of the features asked for might be available through the API. I pictured in my mind a web interface that pretty much does everything the client does except flying around in space… which is far beyond what CCP’s likely to ever execute again.

the mobile app was another half implemented idea that does Eve-gate worse than eve-gate did and does everything else worse than third party apps. what he is asking for was originally supposed to be added when SSO was fully rolled out but once again was abandoned by ccp so they could move onto something else

Remote Management of your characters will not happen. The best you’ll get is what’s currently available through ESI: read-only access to such things.

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