Nebeo: EVE web app

Hello fellow capsuleers!

So I made a new web application for EVE Online. You can find it here:

Yes, I know, there are plenty of 3rd party apps around, so why bothering creating a new one? Well, it all began as a little fun project for myself. Since I love EVE Online, and I love programming, I decided to spend some time on this. At some point, I decided that it could be a good idea to actually share it (some friends actually pushed me to do it :smile:). So I added a couple more features and here we are. It doesn’t have a lot on it yet, it’s still a small app, but if anybody is interested in something new, I could see if I can work on its implementation. Otherwise, I will just be adding things as they occur to me. You can check by yourself, but at this point it has:

  • A client for EVE mails, with access to contacts (can’t modify the contact list yet, but soon…).
  • Overview of character information, with current balance, market orders, skill queue, latest wallet journal entries, etc.
  • Market searcher with plenty of options to filter and sort the results.
  • A general purpose searcher, that can find items, characters, corporations, stations… all sort of things.
  • A chat. Yes, a chat. Here you can chat with other capsuleers, create a private room, and invite others to join your room. All using your in-game character.

Needless to say, no registration is required. You login using your EVE Online credentials.

I am probably missing many obvious features, so please let me know. :slight_smile:

Any feedback is well appreciated. If you spend the time to just check it out, I send you a big thanks!

With love

PS: Sorry if it doesn’t look good on your screen. It’s hard to get it right on all resolutions. If you have problems, you can tell me your screen resolution and I’ll see what I can do. Except if you are on a phone… That’s a completely different story…


I like the idea

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I like it.

A bit more information on the “Me” page would be nice, like training queue, skills and clones.
One thing I found annoying is pretty much every link opening a new tab but thats personal preference.

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Hi Snitch! Thanks for the feedback!

Your training queue is on the “Me” page, right under the picture of your current ship. I note down the other suggestions and will get them in soon.

My bad, I was trying it with a char that isn’t actually training. :facepalm:

Another thing that might be useful in the long run is autocompletion/typeahead for characters when sending mails and formatting for evemails. The EVE client supports only a handful of old html tags for fonts and colors, just send me an eve mail if you want details.

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Two things on that:

  1. Clicking on contacts on your contact list (located at the right of the screen) will automatically add that contact as recipient of your mail. Autocomplete will be a nice addition anyway.
  2. The mail writer supports markdown syntax (see here). It will automatically translate it to what EVE understands upon sending.

I know these features are not documented, and that’s something I should do first.

Thanks for the feedback, Anyanka!

I remember trying out that header and it messed the layout in a nasty way… But back then the code was different. I will try once more.

The links opening new tabs is already fixed in my local testing machine, so it will be fixed with the next release.

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I like the idea, but the only complaint I have is that the UI is pretty chunky and doesn’t seem to prioritize information.

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Thanks for the feedback Col!

Well, OK. I’ll try to keep that in mind when redesigning things.

I just released a new version of Nebeo. I didn’t have the time to do everything that I wanted to do for today’s release, but at least I got a couple things done.

  • Many of the buttons no longer open a new tab.
  • Current home station in “Me” page. Next step is to add all clone locations.
  • Station page: When logged in and online in-game, you can add the station as a waypoint to the autopilot.
  • Improved chat performance.

Thanks again for all the feedback! It is taken into account!

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