Suggestions for a New EVE Tool

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Since EVE is one of my favourite “games” to-date, I figured it’s only fair to give back to the awesome community. Many of you on this sub-forum already know that most areas where tools would be applicable are covered rather well and coming up with new and useful ideas is quite hard. If you have any ideas for an EVE tool, either web-based or standalone application, please post them here or mail me in-game.

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(Golden Gnu) #2

I don’t have any ideas, sorry
I will suggest you consider joining an existing project.
Most projects could use a helping hand, and as you said yourself, there are a lot to choose from.
It just a suggestion and I started my own project, back in the day, too.

Also, get on slack (if you’re not already), if you’re going to develop an eve app.

Good luck o7

(Ikki Phoenix) #3

I would love to see a new discord bot

(Freak of Space) #4

Did not know about slack, thanks.

(DrButterfly PHD) #5

I’d love to have some help with Let me know if you are interested.

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