Looking for EVE Website Developer

Hi going to try this again. Looking for someone who is able to create websites for a few ideas I have on some EVE things I want to see (not all at once). I want to do a few things and would like to see more EVE tools and websites that give more depth to the game than what is currently available right now.

Example: Killboards (lacking a lot of features) I want to do an overhaul on eve killboards that have more stats, scores, tracking, intel etc.

Example idea 2: Fleet Up! A way for pilots to easily find other EVE Pilots that want to do activities in the game together. Such as “Looking for Mining Partner” or looking for “Exploration Partner”.

Obviously big projects time consuming. Will be only paying in ISK over the term of the project on milestones.

So if you or if you and a few friends are able to do some work for me let me know! Lets chat and see if we can work out what I want done.


Best way to contact me is Discord Eden Trade#7009

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Still looking!