Want to hire artist / designer

Hello :wave:

A few friends and I started a new bro Corp and want to try and help the eve community by introducing new players to fun group activities as soon as there character enters new Eden in the hope to help out with retaining new players .

We help out our new bro friends with easy to understand advice and offer them chilled activities like group mining with boosts and pve /pvp fleets .

But sometime I’m finding that I’m repeating myself a lot to explain the most basic of game mechanics, which is fine but it does take up a lot of time that could be used elsewhere ,

So what we would like to try and do is hire someone to make some basic posters with easy to understand instructions to do things , for example explaining how resistances work , or how to set up a fleet , how and why to always keep local when in low/null security space !!

I have quite a lot of spare time in my life due to having an accident in RL but sadly I don’t have the skills required to make these posters , if you are a designer type person and could help us please contact me here or ingame

We would gladly pay isk for your services

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We are also looking for Fun Promotional Propaganda posters that promote in a fun way what we are trying to do if you can help us please contact myself or @SaberX

I sent a message in game.

Just seen your message I’ll contact you shortly

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