[Service] Website banners, propaganda posters, etc

I am wanting to get into making graphics for the Eve community for ISK. I will be up front about this, but I do not have a lot of previous work to show as examples, but I am definitly willing to work with people to get them the graphic they want.

I will do all jobs on a negotitaed bases 100% paid once you are satisfied.

If you are interested please mail me in game to discuss details.

Latest Completed Work

Full list of work:


Still looking for contracts. Satisfaction guaranteed.

Bump…Still looking for jobs to do. I will be working on some more show pieces in the mean time.

To get the ball rolling (especially due to my lack of display material) I will offer one free project to the first person to reach out to me.

Free offer still available, will post here once its taken.

Offer is still up for grabs be my first custsomer.

Offer still stands.

nice to see your service, are you doing jobs for single players?
What about prices, round about…?
I know you can´t plan full price, because every job is another one…


Beamstream, thanks for stopping by and to answer your questions I will gladly do jobs for single players. As for right now my one free offer still stands, but other jobs will negotiated as they come based on complexity and time needed to finish. I hope that answered everything for you.

Hello my corp is looking for a video to be made that can be played in stations , also a bill board add as well , I would like to have a chat with u somtime to discuss the type of stuff we would like added in the vids

Would this be ok with you ?

Also I’ve no idea how you add a video in eve ?? But I know u can , how do u upload the videos you made

And one last question what are your prices ?



Hey Kilo thank you for the reply, but I have no experience in video creation, but to answer your other question please refer to this https://www.eveonline.com/article/billboard-submissions-are-now-open The billboard and station videos are one in the same.

Awww that’s a shame

Ok well how about some decent propeganda posters , for what I have in mind im sure u will have fun making them



Propaganda posters now that I can do. Send me a mail in-game and we can find a time to talk about what you are looking for.

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mailed u

Free project offer has been claimed.

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Im looking forward to working with you , though im not the most artistically minded person in the world this guy seeems more than happy to assist and throw ideas about

Free bump

Accepting new contracts. See latest work above.

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Confirming that this guy is legit, not only is he creative , but he’s very friendly and easy to work with, we will be sure to hire his creative services again


Still accepting new contracts.

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great guy - even updated some changes to a poster for free – use him for your stuffs