[Service] Amateur Video Editor - Propaganda - Recruitment - Billboard


My name is Avio Yaken and I’m here to shill my services as a video editor to any interested party out there for low rates.

My low rates are in part due to being a beginner in video editing, in no expert I might not be able to create anything overtly extravagant for the time being. I’m hoping it I can land a few requests I can get some extra experience and maybe make a little ISK on the side.

For what i can make for you is anything you want related to EVE. Whatever it be, I’ll give it a shot and hopefully produce something that is satisfactory. Propoganda, recruitment videos and billboard ads to name a few examples of the tasks I’m willing to take on.I’ve already done one billboard ad for a friend’s alliance, I know how to work within the tight format demanded of billboard ads.

As for my prices? Currently I’m still clueless on how to properly price my services in a manner that is both honest of my skill level and consumer friendly. As such, currently I’ll be charging a max of 500m for any project. Note that I said max, meaning depending on how difficult I see the task to be, I’ll nail a price down within that cap.

I also have a YouTube channel up that I’ll occasionally upload videos to. Nothing impressive, but does act as a suitable portfolio for the time being.

If you’d like to get in contact with me, Discord will be your best bet. My info is Fendisteel#9989. I’m gonna be very dependent at first on feedback from my clients to ensure i get something close to the vision they have in mind for the video they want. So expect a fair bit of chatter on my side of our talks.

Hope to do business with you (.___.)7


So consider this a bump

Utilizing what I’ve learned thus far with video editing, i put them to use in a News Show similar to that of The Scope videos CCP puts out or the Discourse episodes ARC puts out. This is issue 1# of ZANIE’s first video news broadcast

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