[Service] EVEOVE: EVE Online Video Editor

EVEOVE is my new video editing service to the players of EVE Online. I make and edit EVE related videos of any kind, including effects such as music, clip combining, blurring parts of the video, adding pictures, audio, merging, and much much more.

My service is simple. You contact me with a video idea that you want made. You tell me what video recording you want in it, what music, effects, duration, speed, ect, then we discuss pricing and payment and I create/edit the video based on what you want, then convert it into a format of your choosing and send it to you.

My goal is that we will see more EVE Online related creators on the web, so I made this service so you can show off your ideas, fights, stories, and guides without having to go through the tedious video editing process on your own. All you have to do is tell me what you want then upload it when I am done.

My videos are maximum 30 minutes long and a minimum 30 seconds long. I do my videos in 1080 and 720p based on the quality of the videos you give me. I do not accept copyrighted content. All prices are negotiable and I do prices based on the length and difficulty of editing your clips.

If your video idea is EVE Online related, please join my discord server here: https://discord.gg/4kqMrpY and PM me under the editor role.

I do EVE and non EVE related content, so if you would like a different video edited, PM me and we can figure something out.


I get paid 50% of the determined price before, 50% after.

The video quality is only as good as the media submitted for editing.

Most projects take 24hrs at the most, some will take longer but I will tell you and give you a discount if I need longer.

All prices are negotiable.

I take payments in ISK and PLEX.

I do not accept other youtubers content for editing unless it is not a direct copy or you have their permission and you can show proof of it. Music does not need to be asked permission for but you have to link it when you upload it with the website of your choosing.


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