A new video series for eve

What do you think ?

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I think they are really reaching now

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the stars ?

Hi Krypleria, I liked the opening of this latest offering more than its middle and end - which means that you achieved the most important goal - to get their attention!

I’ve always found EVE to be quite unforgiving in terms of how it looks when lifted out of the logged-in state. CCP has access to all the original assets and so is able to make a more polished - if less entirely accurate - promotion of the game’s visual aspect.

But what about gameplay? Again, it’s hard to put that over without it looking like the click-fest to end all click-fests. Not good video material either.

I don’t envy EVE’s video makers their task!

You did well, though, given the limitations. I’d have liked a bit more meat on the musical bones (although percussion does an extremely good job of supporting war footage), but that’s just me.

Any chance of a list (public, or private in-game mail) of the software (including capture and sound) used?

Again, thanks for making the effort.

I recorded the fleets using Xplit and edited them in Adobe Premier.

For music editing I usually use FL Studio.

Its an ongoing processs… The neverending story of running after video shots while keeping your own ship alive in the middle of battles.

Around, I was thinking

Hi, thanks for your quick reply (and apologies for mine being less so…)

I’ve not heard of Xplit before; checked it out; thanks.

Adobe Premier and FL Studio are better known to me, and it’s great that you pulled it all together in that seamless way. I struggled with having to use multiple apps for even a relatively simple exercise. I’m more familiar with audio than with video.

I smiled at your final paragraph:

It must keep you on your toes! I never had to bother with that in Highsec, but I did have to label my ship ‘FILM CREW - NO OFFENSIVE MODS’ to ward off unwanted attention. Wouldn’t work in Null.

Thanks again.

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