PVP Montage

So today I started working with Premier. After 12 hours, I made this video for my corp:

What do you guys think?

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Nicely done.

I think you were a little “heavy” on the gears in the beginning. I think you should also take advantage of Premier - there is no need to be locked into the full-screen Eve client. You could crop it, or even pan/zoom within the footage you already have.

Thanks for the feedback, do you mean the gear sounds in the beginning?
Most of the footage was recorded in windowed fullscreen with windows bars on top and at the bottom. So I alrady had to crop and zoom in on most the clips. But on some parts it wasnt enough, there is little mistakes here and there.

I didnt want to zoom too much within the clips, as the cut was very fast already and in my opionion additional movement would have made it even harder to follow.

I was just saying that you have too much footage of gears in the beginning. Welcome to the wonderful world of video editing.

Thanks for the tipp, Ill keep the intro shorter next time. Altough I did already cut the intro in half and sped it up :wink:

Very nice mate :slight_smile:

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