Recording and Editing Videos

Hello, I wanted to start recording some EVE videos and Im not sure what software to use. Also, what do you use to overlay audio, text, effects and etc. Thanks for the help.


OBS is generally used for live streaming, but has the option to locally record the video files onto your hard drive.

There a hundreds of tutorials on Youtube that can explain how to use OBS better than I ever could, so I’d recommend you go check some of those out. (Or maybe someone else who is more knowledgeable can chime in).

No idea about video editing software though. All of the ones I know about are fairly pricey, like Adobe Premiere.

Scoots has some solid recommendations here. OBS is great for capturing if your video card’s software did not come with a capture option.

Adobe premiere is worth the price, or if you are on OSX you could try out Final Cut Pro X. You’ll prol want to bite the bullet and get a decent editing app… the free video editing software available is pretty clunky and unpolished looking in my opinion unless your using “blender” (a free 3D program, but has a video editing feature that works nicely).

My preference is After Effects, Premiere, then FCPX.

I have the full Adobe creative cloud subscription. Can I just use that?

Yes, just download premier from your subscription (it will also install “media encoder”, a handy conversion tool). You’ll still need a screengrab app tho, such as OBS to record the game play. OBS will let you record to a few different formats, “all” supported by premiere.

Just set up OBS to record to a format that your computer can handle. Do a few test records in different formats and see what records/plays-back best. It might be “Mov”, or “Mp4”, etc… Personally, i use MKV… i won’t get into what all the variety of codecs and reasons for such. Just pick one that works, premier will digest just about anything you throw at it thanks to media encoder.

Whats your video card? Pretty sure both nividia and amd have game capture apps built into the driver support software. Might just want to check your AMD or Nvidia menu for video/game capture.

Nvidia Gforce 2070 8 gb

Screen Recording
I use OBS. It’s free, has no ads or premium features, no program stamp, plenty of options, and is very low on bugs. I’m not sure how it’s stacks up on resource usage, as the only recording software I’ve used besides it has been shadow play (which was super buggy).

It does take playing with the settings to get the most out of it, but it’s a popular piece of software. So, there are a ton of guides out there. Regardless, here are my settings for recording 4k at 30fps. There are even more settings than what is on this page, but besides resolution, I left everything else at the default.

Audio Recording and Editing
Use audacity. It’s free, and is apparently leaps and bounds above the competition because everyone and their grandma uses it.

There are a lot of things you can do to improve audio, but the two cheapest and easiest things to do are to use a pop filter and apply noise reduction to audio clips of you talking (it will filter out ambient noise). If you have a little bit of scratch, a hundred dollar microphone will also make a big difference. And if you’re willing to spend a little more time, edit out any audible breaths and filler words.

Oh, and you can use OBS to record comms and your mic (in fact, I’m pretty sure it does both by default). But I make scripted content, so I record and edit in audacity.

Video Editing
I use premier pro for video editing. It isn’t free, but I really, really like it. Speaking of which, I don’t know if you’ve ever used photoshop, but I assure you that it is nothing like it. Photoshop is so inscrutable, it’s a wonder it got so popular. Premier pro, on the other hand, is super intuitive and easy to work with.

Unfortunately, I don’t have settings to share with you because I lost them after a wipe and reload, and haven’t set them back up yet. There are some default export settings for youtube already built into the program. So, those might be worth a shot. Past that, look up a guide.

Anyway, if you don’t want to pay for premiere pro, you should do a search for free video editing software. I’m sure there are some good alternatives out there.

General Tips

  • Don’t upload raw footage -edit out dead time, and add commentary to your videos (youtube is better for things like highlight reals, analysis, and instruction. Twitch is better for unscripted/any thing can happen content).
  • Audio commentary > text commentary
  • Use a pop filter
  • Use noise reduction on voice commentary
  • Record, edit, and export at the same resolution and frame rate.
  • It’s 2020. People expect nothing less than 1080p at 30fps. And if the video is blurry, or has a bunch of artifacting, you should figure out how to prevent it in future videos.
  • Have realistic expectations and don’t get discouraged. Eve has a small player base, so you aren’t going to get the view counts that content for games like WoW or Warframe get.
  • Good thumbnails and clickbaity titles are the easy way to increase views.
  • Making quality content is the hard way to increase views.

Okay, I think that’s it. Feel free to ask if you have any more questions.

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Very good point. If you don’t already know the PS shortcuts and tricks to get something specific done you’ll never figure it out unless you look for a guide because there is zero logic to things in PS.

The rest of your reply is also very good. Personally I’m used to Sony Vegas for editing, Audacity is just fine and free so why not. For recording I use Bandicam, really just because I bought it for threefiddy many years ago and it works fine. There’s many decent options.

The only thing I’d look out for when using free editing software is if it adds a watermark in their free version (big nono) and if the export/output can actually be done in 1080p/60fps (or whatever output you want). Many free versions restrict their output and don’t really tell you up front meaning that the time you invested getting the program and getting used to it was a big waste of time.

Big true! So many YT channels just output low effort, low quality tripe with bad advice while not even actually being good at the game, it might have high production value with nice thumbnails, intro and all that but the actual content is below par. That always irks me the most, making a “guide” full of mistakes and bad habits which are then viewed by newbies who then copy those mistakes and bad habits.

In some cases it’s very obvious the creator doesn’t care about making good content for people to learn from, he just wants to make A LOT of content hoping his channel will grow.

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